HYC Ragnots

Youth Leadership

Commodore, Charlotte Rose

Vice Commodore, Abi Beck

Communications Officer, Alexandra Mares

Entertainment Officer, Kailey Warrior

These four young people are the 2015-2016 officers of the Ragnots, an organization formed in 1958 to provide social activities and sailing education for the children of HYC members. Ragnots are ages 9 through 18 years old or those who have completed 3rd grade but not the 12th grade. Mini-Ragnots are ages 6 through 8 years old or those who have completed Kindergarten but not 3rd grade.

The Ragnot program offers events throughout the year, including special occasion events as well as parties, field trips, cookouts, and after-school and weekend sailing practice. In summer, the pace picks up even more with overnight camps for Ragnots, day camps for Mini-Ragnots and racing instruction on various boats. Non-sailing activities are scheduled most Saturdays during the summer.