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The Entertainment Committee is in charge of the Houston Yacht Club’s signature social events, some casual, some formal, but all very special. If you like throwing parties, you may want to work with this committee. Otherwise, if you’re a member, you can make reservations for the ones you like and show up for the fun.

For activities planned by other HYC associations and groups, please check the Ladies Association, Mosquito Fleet, Yachting Committee, Youth Activities, Women's Sailing Association, Bridge, and the Usual Suspects.

Upcoming Events for 2017
Upcoming Events for 2017
Jan. 14
Trivia Night

Jan. 22
Mickey Hobbs and Sunday Brunch

Feb. 5
Super Bowl Party at HYC

March 10
Country Music in the "Lounge" and then Dancing

March 11
Trivia Night

March 17
Adult Stand-Up Comedy in the Bar

May 5
Cinco de Mayo Party

May 6
Kentucky Derby Party and Buffet

May 20
Great Gatsby Party and 90/120 Celebration

May 30
Jazz Music in the "Lounge" and then Dancing

July 1
Croquet on the Lawn

July 22
Cookout and Pool Party with Live Music

Aug. 11
Adult Contemporary Music in the "Lounge" and the Dancing

Oct. 14
Murder Mystery in the Ballroom

Dec. 31
New Year's Eve Party