Racing at HYC

Come Within Hail

Code Flag Lima

2018 Race Schedule


Regatta Chair

    Madonna Breen
Feb 24-25 HYC Mid-Winter Regatta

 Registration  Entrants Madonna Breen
Mar 10-11 HYC Spring Series

    Madonna Breen
Mar 10-11  J-22 Circuit Regatta    Registration  Entrants  June Shaw
Mar 16-18 J-22 Mid-Winter Championship Regatta | Click Here for the SIs       Registration  Entrants Julie Mastroianni
  J-22 Mid-Winter Championship Regatta | SCHEDULE OF EVENTS          
Apr 7  Reggae Regatta | SIs Part One  |  SIs Part Two    Registration  Entrants Sylvia Pierson
Apr 7-8  Lightning - Texas District Championship      Registration Entrants
Madonna Breen
Apr 14  Mermaid Regatta | Click HERE for Mermaid NOR Addendum 1    Registration  Entrants  Babs Bukowski
Apr 29  2018 Worldfest Regatta        Bill van Ravenswaay
May 11  HYC Reach Down the Beach | Click HERE for SIs | Click HERE for FAQs    Registration  Entrants Bill van Ravenswaay
May 12  HYC Offshore Regatta | Click HERE for SIs | Click HERE for FAQs     Registration  Entrants Bill van Ravenswaay
May 19-20  Ragnot Classic Regatta at HYC
   Registration  Entrants Danna Small
Jun 2  Women's Sailing Weekend - Catherine Spiller Regatta  |  Appendix S
 Registration  Entrants Andrea Zaite
Jun 3  Women's Sailing Weekend - Fairfax Moody Regatta |  Appendix S
Registration  Entrants Andrea Zaite
Jun 23-24 Leukemia Cup Regatta |  SIs Pursuit Line  |  SIs W/L Course
  Registration Entrants Madonna Breen
Jun 23-24  Leukemia Cup Regatta | Pursuit Start Times            
Jun 30-Jul 3  US Laser National Championship | NOR Amendment 1 | NOR Amendment 2
   Registration  Entrants Sandra Baldridge
Jun 30-Jul 3  US Laser National Championship | Click HERE for Coach Registration          
Sep 1  Ensign Kid's Cup

Rick Snell
Sep 2  Commodore's Cup | NEW DATE SEPT 2        Madonna Breen
Sep 2  Great American Cardboard Boat Race | NEW DATE SEPT 2
Sep 22-23  HOOD Regatta  |   J-24 Class Only Addendum to NOR
   Registration  Entrants Beth Gibson
Sep 22-23  HOOD Regatta  |  Attachment A  |  Attachment B          
Oct 6-7  Fall Series
      Adolph Mares
Oct 20-21  J22 Heritage Cup      Registration  Entrants Madonna Breen
Nov 3 Club Championship  | Click HERE for complete details
  Madonna Breen
Nov 17-18 Turkey Day Regatta  |  Start Times
 Entrants Madonna Breen
Dec 1  Kirk Arnold Regatta          Dan Dalgleish
Dec 8 Double-Handed Regatta

    Madonna Breen
Jan 1 Revognah

     Billy Richnow