WSA is Sailing Strong

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Women's Sailing Association at HYCHYC’s Women’s Sailing Association turned 30 years old in 2013, but it’s as fresh and active as ever. WSA was organized in September of 1983 to encourage HYC women to become involved in all aspects of sailing and boating.

WSA hosts racing, social and educational events throughout the year… sometimes formal, sometimes informal, but always fun. Please join us, meet other HYC female sailors and non-sailors and find out about the rich history of this lively group!

Each year, WSA hosts Windward Bound Women’s Sailing Camp, teaching women to sail in a stress-free environment that promotes the camaraderie of sailing. For more information, click here.
Women's Sailing Association at HYC
WSA sponsors a scholarship fund to help women improve their sailing skills or participate in regattas at other venues.

CLICK HERE for the Scholarship Fund Request

Applications for the WSA Membership may be left in the WSA mailbox at Houston Yacht Club or electronically by contacting the organiszation at  The WSA Board meets on the first Thursday of each month and all WSA members are welcome to attend.

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for the club calendar with meeting dates. Dues are $30 per year payable by cash, check or HYC club charge. There is also an option for a WSA lifetime membership. The cost of the lifetime membership is $400 and is non-refundable. Additional fees may apply to educational and racing events.

Click HERE for a copy of the WSA By-Laws

Current WSA Board Members are as follows:
- President: Meagan Thorp

- Vice President: Jane Thomas 

- Treasurer: Genevieve Genest Linberg

- Secretary: Kim Lee
- By-Laws Chair: Terry Eukel 
- Education Chair: Anne Lee
- Historian: Lythia Metzmeier
- Membership Chair: Sylvia Pierson 
- Programs Chair: Amy Cronan
- Scholarship Chair: Karen Pinrose-Atkinson
- Windward Bound: Ruth Keenan/Susan Ehrhardt
- Women's Racing Chair: Andrea Zaite

For more information, please contact HYC at (281) 471-1255 or click here.

WSA 2019 Calendar
WSA 2019 Calendar
Jan. 11
Windward Bound Reunion Lunch

Feb. 11
WSA In-Town Party and Board Meeting

Feb. 9
WSA Big Boat Clinic

May 2
Mermaid Regatta

June 3-6
Windward Bound Sailing Camp for Women

September 12-13
Women's Sailing Weekend

Aug. 8
WSA Sail to High Tea

Dec. 6
WSA Cookie Exchange