When the Skeeters are about ... the parties will come out!

Mosquito Fleet - HYCIf you need strict order in your life, a lot of protocol and proper behavior, the Mosquito Fleet (aka Skeeters) is not the group for you. If you really enjoy dull, boring evenings at home alone in your armchair, you definitely don’t want to join this group of adventurous, fun-loving, friendly HYC members. These people are dedicated to having serious fun on the water and ashore.

The Mosquito Fleet is an offshoot of the Powernauts, an irreverent organization established in 1977. To illustrate the nature of this group, the Powernaut leader was called the “Commodore of the Head.” The group met once a month to make fun of everything and everybody. They also helped with race committee and were unswerving in their efforts to promote power boating at HYC, even to the point of offering to help remove all sailboats from the harbor.

Initially, Powernaut membership was limited to HYC members who owned powerboats, but the requirements were soon relaxed to include members who could recognize powerboats or who owned anything with an engine, like a lawnmower. Later the requirements were further relaxed so that anyone who had a gas or electric motor of any type (an electric shaver qualified) - or knew someone who had such a motor- could become a member of the fleet. This remains our standard for Mosquito Fleet membership to this day.

In March 1988, the HYC Mosquito Fleet came together to provide activities for HYC members with small, fast, shallow-draft boats. Over the next 10 years the fleet cruised up Buffalo Bayou to Allen’s Landing, to the old Baytown Marina, and to points beyond and in between. During the next five years the fleet expanded both in membership and in boats, and by 2003 the Mosquito Fleet was comprised of more than 100 members with boats ranging in size from 10-foot inflatables to 50-foot+ motor yachts cruising as far south as Port Aransas and Corpus Christi and as far east as New Orleans.

From 2003 to 2008 the Mosquito Fleet continued to expand, the average boat size in the Fleet continued to increase, and a number of HYC members who did not even own a boat became Skeeters due to the great parties and fleet activities. In addition to our many cruises, we have continued to enjoy such events as our Lobster Boil, Fish Fry, Shrimp Boil, and various cook-offs of questionable repute.

Immediately after Hurricane Ike, the Mosquito Fleet hosted the first Post-Ike Club Event, the initial on-site Weinerville, as a way to get the entire Club Membership pulling together for the benefit of the extended HYC family. The Mosquito Fleet continues to promote cooperation and collaboration among the HYC fleets and organizations.

Mosquito Fleet Dues

Dues for 2018 are $20 per person - cash or check only, no club charges please.

2018 Mosquito Fleet Schedule of Events
2018 Mosquito Fleet Schedule of Events

Mosquito Fleet - HYC

Jan. 14
2018 Calendar Preview and Sign Up Day

March 10
Shrimp Boil in the Beachcomber. Click HERE to sign up for the Shrimp Boil.

May 25-29
Cruise to Pelican Rest

July 13-16
Moody Gardens Cruise

Nov. 30-Dec. 2
Christmas Lights Cruise to Moody Gardens

PLEASE NOTE: The dates for all cruises are definitive - reservations have been made and, where necessary, deposits or guarantees are in place pending assignment to specific Skeeters and their boats. Check with the Cruise Captain for each cruise event for further information. For information, click HERE